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I've noticed that one of the most important things to do as an artist is to try and stay fresh and original. But it's a hard thing to do. You want to develop a style that is distinctive and true to yourself, but you also need to push the boundaries and try to get better all the time.

So how can you do both? I don't know. Sorry, no answers here. I spent several years after art school not developing my style because I was too scared to alienate the clients I already had. But what this meant for me was that I stopped enjoying making art. So I gave up trying to do both things. 
This year, I'm dedicating my art time to experimenting with different media. It won't always be good. In fact, a lot of it will likely be poor. However, I will be enjoying myself.
I'm tentatively sharing some of my experiments on social media. On this blog and on my Twitter account, I've been creating a quick banner for each month. So far I've done:

The March one…

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