Tuesday, May 1, 2018

April Maternity Wardrobe

Ah, maternity clothes. I actually love being pregnant, but this is not reflected in what I wear. The days are long and the nights are far too short, I'm tired and more concerned with my two-year old and having comfy footwear.

However, I discovered the #100dayproject and it really took my fancy. Basically, you decide on an action and post about it everyday on Instagram for 100 days. Not rocket science. But it seemed like a good way to keep me motivated to make art in the last few months of pregnancy.

So I'm doing a sketch everyday. I thought it would be easy to follow the example of one of my mentor illustrators, Emmeline Pidgen (she doesn't know she's my mentor, but I follow her career quite closely in a totally non-creepy way), and draw what I'm wearing for the month of April. It became a little agonizing drawing my own face and body so often. And also thinking of things to wear wasn't easy.

But triumph came when I realized I only repeated an outfit once. Maybe twice.

For April, I'm giving my face a break and moving on to something else. I'll continue to post on Instagram until baby gets here. Or the hundred days are up. Who knows what will come first?

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