Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama's Mama

So apparently, when he was young, Barack Obama's mama and papa took him to live outside the country. This fact, combined with Obama's worldly charm and sophistication, have lead to Republican attacks on his "non-Americanness". Which to me is odd, seeing as how Obama went all over the world, and still came back to the States. I feel a guy like that must like it there, and perhaps wants to make it even better. Wouldn't that be preferable to someone who never left the country for extended periods? What if a President, newly in office, starts to travel, and realized, damn, I like it better in Spain? Or Iceland? Or India? And then abdicates? And then a country would lose its leader. And wouldn't that be a shame.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


For an article about flu shots, and how the shot must defend against the particular strain that will be going around in the winter. If the prediction is wrong: disaster.
And the prediction must be made 8 months in advance.

Simple weather forecasters are often wrong. Let us hope that those in the medical profession have better crystal balls.

MATS Bootcamp 2019

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