Friday, September 30, 2016

A Scary Project

Many things are not as fun after having a child. Things like drinking, staying up late and going out to eat. But other things become more fun. One of these is Halloween. At least, this is true from my point of view as the mother of a little baby. I'm open to the possibility it becomes less fun as your child ages and grows into a teenager.
But all that aside, I'm so excited for Halloween this year that I'm almost sick. To celebrate, I'll be doing one spooky doodle a day for the month of October on my instagram at Shantala_Robinson. Please check it out. I'm not promising they'll be good, or even scary. But they will be Halloween-y.
Update: I had to abandon this project due to a paying job that came in. Between that and caring for my none-month old, I dropped the ball. I know: excuses, excuses. But the job is very exciiting! See my next blog post!

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