Monday, January 25, 2010

Coffee shop Blues

Sometimes when you look through a window, you can see the reflection of whatever is behind you as well as what's in front. Two images are blended together. This makes me wonder- does space really exist? I mean, if something's happening in front of you AND behind you at the same time, and it is the exact same thing occurring, then what does it matter WHERE it's happening? Is there a tiny world happening inside of the narrow pane of glass? Or maybe I'm really questioning time. And then how do I paint this? How does one paint space and time? And should we? Dare we? Will we anger the gods? Perhaps someone already has, and got sucked into a vaccum because they realised that time and space don't exist and if you don't believe in something, you cannot possibly exist in it. It would be "Eureka!", swiftly followed by a "poof!" and perhaps a shower of particles. So ultimately, we'll never know if someone did or did not paint time and/or space. And, no thanks, I don't want to try either.

MATS Bootcamp 2019

For the first time, I’m participating in a Make Art That Sells course online, with Lilla Rogers. This particular course leads illustrators...