Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's All Black and White

Actually, it's all shades of grey, if I'm being accurate.

A boy in a paper sailboat, for my children's book portfolio. It's a novel thing for me to work in grey scale, but really important for my portfolio (or so I've been told). I'm not sure if it's ready to go up on my website, though, and I may do some more work on it.

I think it's obvious that this has been inspired by the art in "Where the Wild Things Are." I suppose it's an homage. (In elementary school, our class had to memorize and recite that book during an evening assembly. We had a visionary music and drama teacher who coordinated massive performances a few times a year with the whole school, from kindergarten to grade 6. The themes of these performances ranged from the Olympics to Ghostbusters and there were choirs, instruments, marches, dances and plays, all flowing in dramatic fashion from one thing to the next. We used to get so excited and looked forward to these events with such anticipation. After I left, I heard that music and drama was fazed out and the teacher that caused such inspiration left the school. I wish Mrs. Green could have known how much she gave me; I wish I could have thanked her.)

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Murder of Crows

I've been reading lately in the news about birds that seem to fall dead out of the sky. Whole flocks of them, all over the world. There are many scientific and supernatural explanations. Omens, some say. The end of the world! No, it was fireworks that disoriented the birds! They flew straight into the ground, by George!

I feel sad for the birds. Either way, they don't seem to have masters of their own destinies. I like to think perhaps they just decided it was time to go. Maybe they had a purpose of their own.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Slumdog Avoidance

I read an article about how a new generation of Indians is refusing to accept the status quo. They throw off the restrictions of the caste they were born into and enter the rapidly growing Indian economy as key players. It's a new kind of optimism; instead of hoping for the best, things are made better. Personally speaking, it's a good note on which to start the new year.

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