That's bananas, son.

A recipe from Cote D'Ivoire describes how to make fried cinnamon bananas. It was brought to Cote d'Ivoire by refugees from the Asante empire. The Asante empire was located in Ghana, created by the Asante (or Ashanti) people after the fall of the Ghana empire, which was actually located in modern-day Mauritania, Mali and Senegal many centuries ago.
It's all very complicated and interesting.
On the other hand, fried bananas, though they taste delicious, are very boring to draw, so I tried not to dwell on them too much. Instead, I depict a person whose costume has some similarities to the Asante people's although I have taken liberties with the pattern.


oleg said…
Hey Shantal good to see some new paintings from you. Really nice! The painted body is working well with the flat drawn patern. Very Fruity...
Jarrett said…
Wow! This is beautiful. If I had money I'd try and buy it off you!

I'll never see fried bananas the same way again.
Eric Overton said…
Nice! I really dig how you overlap all the flat, patterned stuff with the loose, round flesh tones!

Wow, that sounded really pretentious!

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