Anatomically Correct

Above, you can see a depiction of more great athletes. Doing this illustration, I learned that it is beneficial if swimmers have large hands and feet. Like flippers. It's also good if they are taller. Not only do tall people have a reach advantage, they also have a larger mass (or something, sorry to any physicists who may read this) to keep them afloat.

What anatomical qualities make a good artist? Strong hands, maybe. Perhaps a wide back for all the slouching we do. And big, round eyes, to take it all in. Quasimodo? No! An artist! Now when people comment on my large, man-like hands, I'll have a response. They'll say, "Oh what large hands you have". And I'll reply, "All the better to draw you with, my dear."


JaneA said…
Hahaha! I have huge hands, too, and now I have a good excuse for them. I used to say they were 'piano hands', but 'artist hands' seems more appropriate. :-)
Shantala said…
Haha, yes, I think "artist hands" has a certain ring to it!

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