Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Looking into Puddles

We've been having a lot of rain during the past couple days here in Vancouver. To me, rainy days are less gloomy when you're outside than when you're inside. Not that there's anything wrong with curling up to watch a movie on rainy days, but going outside on days like this alleviates the dreariness. The light is filtered through the clouds and mist, and colours pop against the greyness; the bracing air can't help but revive dull spirits. I like to watch children in the rain; they don't seem to feel the rain like adults do. I don't know why this is, but they make it seem like fun.


Pam said...

What an evocative illustration. We can feel the little girl's joy with the puddle!

Steve said...

Hey, found your site after typing some Johnny Cash lyrics into google! I'm glad I did, love the site and especially this image... it's a great capture.

Continue the great work!


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