When I was a little girl...

My dad once told me a crazy story. He grew up in Fiji, had seven brothers and sisters and they would ride a horse to school every day. Well, some of them rode the horse. I suppose not all of them.

While doing research into imagery of children on horses, I found out about the Mongolian festival Naadam, which includes children's horse racing. Children from age 6-13 train as jockeys for months before the festival, then take part in a race that is 15-30km long, depending on their age (the horses' ages, not the child's). The children sing to the horses as they ride. 

Quite a contrast between my dad and his siblings riding to school and a Mongolian child on a marathon race through the desert. But then again, children will always be children and horses will always be horses. 


Pam said…
I remember him telling that story. I love the way you have illustrated it. It brought a smile to my face.
Jarrett said…
Wow Shantala! WOW. I love this.

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