Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kremlin Kontrol

This is for an article I saw about how the Putin has tight control over the media in Russia. In the case of the recent bombings in Moscow, mainstream news channels did not report on the event for over an hour, and they did not interrupt their regularly scheduled programs. The article was nonsensical because it did not attempt to explain why this might have happened, ie. to stop people from panicking. Actually, this was only one of the reasons why the article was ridiculous, which is horrible because it comes from a well-known American news magazine. Hooray for both the Russian and American media! Why then would I choose to illustrate such an article? Because St. Basil's is pretty, that's why.

1 comment:

Vikram said...

Very cool and topical. I constantly feel like your stuff is very similar to stuff in the New Yorker or other high end magazines.

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