Monday, January 25, 2010

Coffee shop Blues

Sometimes when you look through a window, you can see the reflection of whatever is behind you as well as what's in front. Two images are blended together. This makes me wonder- does space really exist? I mean, if something's happening in front of you AND behind you at the same time, and it is the exact same thing occurring, then what does it matter WHERE it's happening? Is there a tiny world happening inside of the narrow pane of glass? Or maybe I'm really questioning time. And then how do I paint this? How does one paint space and time? And should we? Dare we? Will we anger the gods? Perhaps someone already has, and got sucked into a vaccum because they realised that time and space don't exist and if you don't believe in something, you cannot possibly exist in it. It would be "Eureka!", swiftly followed by a "poof!" and perhaps a shower of particles. So ultimately, we'll never know if someone did or did not paint time and/or space. And, no thanks, I don't want to try either.

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Vikram said...

I love this one so much. I think it's one of my favourites. The colours evoke such a variety of though and emotion.

I like the comment, but did you mean to post in in the newest post, as it has to do with windows? As an interesting side note, it feels like you are talking about dimensions. I was researching about the 4th dimension, and it's so much more fascinating that you think at first glance. If there was a 4th dimension, people in the 4th could see "all" of the 3rd (as we do with the 2nd - like when we look at a painting), but would only exist in it in pieces.

Some fascinating videos explaining it:

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