Well. here is my idea for my summer mailer: "Heat Wave." Computer-generated. These three people are not smiling. As a side note, I would like to take issue with people who do not smile. Why not? I know many people who do not smile, ever, and name them as amongst my friends. In fact, I am drawn to people who do not smile. It's a confidence thing. Not smiling says, "I have power over you, I don't give a crap what you think about me, and I don't need to please you in any way under the sun." But I smile all the time, even (and especially) at strangers. Is it a meekness thing? Why do I want to appear friendly to every one I encounter? Harmless. Perhaps I aim to please the gods. If I smile enough at strangers, surely this will in turn tempt the gods to favour me. I am nice, therefore please respond in kind. Or do the powers-that-be bestow grace upon those who fight for their right? And not just to party, but to subjugate all those around them.

Well, thank-you for your patience with my self-cross-examination. As always, I remain your forever cyberspace friend.

p.s. added a more finished version above


Jarrett said…
Shant! This would be a sweet mailer. It draws my attention right away.

You suck.
eunjeong said…
Soooo goooooood. I love this painting and your comments. I love reading your note even though I don't agree everything you say.

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