Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Salt fairy tale. Perhaps even a true story.

This is the first in a series of illustrations that will depict the fairy tale called "Cap O Rushes." Because this story came my way via my Romanian friend, and was told to her by her Romanian grandparents, I cannot fathom this story taking any place anywhere except for Romania. But it is an almost universal fairy tale, with version coming from England, Germany, Italy, Scotland and India. Perhaps this reflects the universal need for copious amounts of salt on our food? Although my Romanian friend would argue vociferously for this (which is why she loves this story), I say no thanks, please do not pass the salt. I myself like my food on the bland side and always forget to add salt when cooking, thereby disgusting my friends and family when I prepare meals for them. Which is why I rarely do that. Well, one of the many reasons. But I digress. The story is fine, and I will try to put together some kind of narrative illustrations that depict it.

The scene shows the King asking his three daughters to tell them how much they love him (some may say this shows controlling behaviour, but what is a king if not power-hungry?). While the first two daughters respond with the most sycophantic and dutifully servile answers, the third and youngest replies that she loves him merely, "As much as salt."

Ah! You understand the problem then. Why salt, that most lowly, peasantly combination of sodium and chloride?

Oh yeah, and I forgot to put the salt in. There's a reason for that, though, I don't hate salt that much.


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belleshpgrl said...

So the story is King Lear?

I myself put salt on EVERYTHING. Nothing can escape the shaker.

Jarrett said...

I like a little salt. Overall, I think you're better than salt :) This piece is awesome! Great colors and lines in the robes!

Jarrett the Supertalented

Rebecca Hitchens said...

very cool Shantala! Glad to see you still painting! :)
Hope you are well, *hugs!*

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