Slim in the Grass

These are just to prove that I'm doing work- experimenting with using digital and traditional media. I'm trying to get used to all the options available to me when using the computer. But I'm also trying not to abandon the qualities that I feel define my work. don't want to get swamped in technical effects, I just want computer technology to expedite the execution of my work. Very time consuming stuff. Some would say boring and tiresome, and yet I feel the need to inflict this upon all of you. My apologies. But not really.


Oleg Portnoy said…
2nd is my favorite, very nice bright colors. ps the unibrow suits u.
mark w aka mv said…
well well like I said be for experimenting with using digital and traditional media is a good way of put both together and making some really good work :-D I love the light greens in the peace oh BTW what's the Illustration about just asing :-).
Bianca Zorzi said…
I like the first one best.. if you squint it comes down to waves, shapes of textures, has a lot of movement.

I always liked you with a unibrow.

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