Spot illo for a mag. It is about brains. My question is do I start colouring on the computer? The art director liked my sketch better! I had just quickly filled in colours with Photoshop, and apparently, it was better than laboured painting and inking of two hours. The computer is taking over everything!! I am trying to make a last stand, a la The Matrix. Though I may discover I am merely part of a cycle. All this has happened BEFORE!! Spooky. I didn't get the Matrix, it was too complicated at the end. Give me Die Hard. Bruce Willis kicking butt. Yippee ki yay.

-------I posted the computer one at the top. Can you tell me which one is better????????????


Oleg Portnoy said…
Hey this is nice, let's see the Photoshop version. Blue pill red pill.
Jarrett said…
Man, Bruce Willis as Neo would have changed the whole feel of The Matrix.

Awesome piece.
Rey O said…
I haven't visited your site in awhile, and I'm rewarded with a bounty of beautiful pieces.

I like the one you did by hand.

Oleg Portnoy said…
Oooh I like. The sketch does have a nice looseness to it. I especially like the scribble quality of the line. The color is more vibrant as well which in my opinion works better. Which version ended up getting printed? You can experiment by superimposing your sketch over a painted background via computer. That way it looks like it was done traditionally yet giving you more control to play around with the elements. Nice work grams!
Bianca Zorzi said…
I agree with Dr. Portnoy. And how you laid down the colour of the suit. Very niiiice.
Thanks everyone for the feedback! It is invaluable to me, I mean it.

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